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Courses provided by LBCS Ltd.

Courses that are provided by LBCS Ltd are developed and tailored to meet the requirements of Quality Assurance and Metrology Standards ISO 9000 and ISO/IEC 17025 and also the needs of clients in satisfying their accreditation body’s criteria.  In addition to these courses training courses are also available to gain knowledge and techniques used in various fields of measurement.  Courses have been arranged in the U.K. and worldwide.

The background and development of one such course is as follows: - 

Practitioner’s approach to Uncertainties of Measurement Course

Since the formation of British Calibration Service in 1966 there has been a need for guidance documents on uncertainties of measurement.  The IEE, MoD, NPL, UKAS, ISO and EA have all played an important role in highlighting the need for such documents.   The momentum for uncertainty guidance documents in recent years has steady grown with new publications being issued by the MOD, BSI, UKAS, NPL, EA and ISO on the subject.  The introduction of the new ISO/IEC Standard 17025 and its requirement that Calibration and most Testing Laboratories must have uncertainties of measurement associated with measurement results has increased the need for guidance on the subject.  Therefore the practitioner’s approach to uncertainties of measurement course has been developed to provide people working in the field of measurement with the necessary knowledge to meet the requirements of the new ISO/IEC Standard and their Accreditation Bodies.  

Courses that have been provided are: -

Practitioners Approach to Uncertainties of Measurement
Internal Auditing to ISO/IEC Standard 17025/2005
Construction of Measurement Procedures
Calibration Principles
Laboratory Accreditation or Running a Calibration/Testing Laboratory
Proficiency Testing
Electrical Calibration
Temperature Calibration
Pressure Calibration

Other course requirements can be provided once details are known.
Powerpoint presentations are available.

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